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The PETKIT Smart Antibacterial Bowl Fresh White will keep your pet’s food bacteria free all whilst giving an accurate feed weight. Give your small pet an accurate and constant amount of food at each feeding time. Keep your pet healthy and stop obesity in your furry friend.

Weighing Accuracy: The PetKit App will use your pets basic profile of it's weight and breed against the food brand you feed to give custom daily feeding amounts to your pet. This allows a more accurate representation of the amount of food that your pet needs to receive to keep your pet healthy. The PETKIT Smart Antibacterial Bowl Fresh White weighs the food as you pour to save the need for scales.

Anti-bacterial Effect: Diarrhoea in pets comes from bacteria in their food. The bowl features BioCleanAct™ Material which inhibits the bacteria from forming 24/7. The material covers the main body of the bowl therefore restraining bacterias such as Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus Rosenbach. The BioCleanAct™ is safer and definitely more efficient than Ag+.

Cleaning: The bowl can be cleaned with ease as its electronic features have been created entirely waterproof from its interior buttons, sealed battery box, honey comb drainage holes and waterproof screen.

Anti-overflow design: The design of the bowl is in a U-shape making the food less likely to overflow during filling. The height and opening angle makes the bowl a more comfortable feeding experience for your pet. The rim of the bowl has also been inclined by 5 degrees to enable cats with flat faces the ability to eat with more ease.

Advanced anti-bacteria technology

Inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause illness and diarrhoea

Accurate weighing for pets on special diets or for overweight and obese pets

Digital scale that converts weight from grams to pounds if needed

Easy to wash (not in the dishwasher)

Anti skid base with 4 rubberised grips

A set of AAA batteries will keep your bowl running for up to two years without the need for charging.

Comes with an included screw driver for battery screw fastening

Dimensions: W18cm x D18cm x H6cm
Max. weight capacity: 2kg
Liquid capacity: 450ml
Colour: White

Download the free app 'PETKIT' from either Google Play or iOS depending on whether or not you have an Android or Apple smartphone. The Fit P2 monitor available to buy here (78003) will track and record calorie expenditure of your pet. The amount of calorie expenditure from your pet can be calculated making analysis against food, quantity and consumption trends allow for a conclusion on how much your pet should consume daily.

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